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Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything that the Pulsate platform can do

Companies of all sizes rely on Pulsate Engage
to run their mobile marketing campaigns

Push Notifications

  • Interactive pushPro

    Allow users to interact with notifications and respond with a simple tap gesture.

  • Deep linking

    Send users directly to information anywhere in your app from a notification.

  • Web url

    Link users to any web address that will open in their mobile browser.

  • Campaign cards

    Seize the moment with cards that are information rich yet compact.

  • Pulsate feed

    Display all your content in a view that’s already friendly and familiar.

  • MultilingualPro

    Communicate with customers in hundreds of languages.

  • Standard push

    Use clear and simple push notifications to get immediate attention.

In-App Notifications

  • Large notification

    Grab user's full attention the next time they open your app.

  • Small notification

    For less urgent notifications, use a small discreet slide-in notification.

  • Slide-in effect

    This simple notification animation grabs users’ attention in a graceful way.

User profiling

  • Unified profile

    Pull the latest customer information from multiple sources into one place.

  • Social data integration

    Sync an enormous stream of real-time social data to user profiles.

  • Crm integration

    Connect with the tools that your team already use.


  • Device activity

    Filter user activity by their device behavior.

  • Location data

    Segment users by their most recent location.

  • Custom attributes

    Know if a user matches a recorded attribute from your database.

  • Custom events

    React when a user performs an in app event.


  • Segments

    Select dynamic segments to identify your best prospects for each campaign.

  • Geofences

    Send content to users as they enter or leave virtual location perimeters.

  • Beacons

    Push content to users as they enter or leave small or large indoor zones.


  • Frequency caps

    Set limits to control the number of times a user receives a campaign.

  • Recurring campaigns

    Schedule time-sensitive campaigns to launch after any event takes place.

  • Intelligent deliveryPro

    Deliver a campaign to each user at the right time for higher engagement.

  • Deliver at certain times

    Pick the optimal time to catch user attention.

  • Scheduling

    Control how long campaigns run and set automatic start and end dates.

  • Deliver in local timezonesPro

    Reach everyone at exactly the right time no matter where they are.


  • Drag and drop builder

    Remove the gap between ideas and implementation with an easy-to-use campaign builder.

  • Images and gifs

    Embed images or GIFs that to wow your users.

  • VideoPro

    Add the video widget to send videos.

  • Image cropping

    Resize, shrink, and crop your pictures using our built-in image editor.

  • Back of card

    Show more content to your users at the flip of a card.

  • HtmlPro

    Craft content with code when you need to do some custom work.

  • Campaign replies

    Feedback matters. Continue the conversation with campaign replies.

  • Campaign expiry

    Schedule when you want messages removed from the user's feed.

  • Multilingual

    Automatically detect the device locale to ensure the language matches.

Message Centre

  • Themeable

    Add your own look and feel to bring your brand to life.

  • Scrollable feed

    Easy for your users to find, retrieve and reply to messages.

In-App Events

  • Event tagging

    Set a tag against any action inside a campaign.

  • Sdk tags

    Record any action outside of the Pulsate message centre and pass them back.

  • Remote management

    Assign actions to trigger campaigns from the Pulsate cloud platform.

  • WorkflowsPro

    Automate campaigns to send the right message at the right time.

  • Web hooks

    Extend, customize, and integrate your own custom extensions.

Campaign Testing

  • A/b testingPro

    Quickly test and try new ideas to see what converts best.

  • multivariate testingPro

    Create multiple versions and auto-select the best performing campaign.

  • Campaign goalsPro

    Translate Business Requirements into achievable Campaign Goals.

  • Control groups

    The only way to prove campaign attribution.

Campaign Reporting

  • Export

    Export your data quickly for painless handoffs to your data analysts.

  • Share

    Export your campaigns and easily share with an email or PDF.

  • Presentation mode

    Show off your latest campaigns with high impact and easy to understand charts.

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Companies of all sizes trust Pulsate Converse
to power their customer support

Customer profiles

  • Live dataPro

    A live stream of customer interactions.

  • Conversation history

    Every customer conversation in one place.

  • Campaign engagement

    Key campaign engagement stats for each user.


  • Conversation thread

    Quickly find previous customer messages.

  • Reply to campaigns

    Get instant feedback from your campaigns.

  • Canned responses

    One click replies for frequently asked questions.

  • Location Pins

    Direct users to real-world locations.

  • Emojis

    Add personality to your customer communication.

  • Gifs

    Full support for GIFs and Animated Badges.

  • Deeplinks

    Send users directly to different sections of your app.

  • Urls

    Open any web page from a customer conversation.

  • Add contact details

    One-click adding of your phone number to messages.

  • Chatbots

    Automate how you support, market and sell in mobile apps.

Admin management

  • Team inbox

    Every customer conversation in one centralized Inbox.

  • Push Notification Results

    Push Notifications notify and link users directly to a message reply.

  • Reassign

    Quickly reassign messages to any team member.

  • Mark as resolved

    Archive resolved conversations.

  • Statistics

    View performance analytics on the members of your team account

  • Admin appPro

    Provide customer support on the go with our native Admin app.

  • Reports

    Monitor customer interactions and track response times.

  • Email notifications

    Never miss a message with email notifications for every team member.

  • Ios & android apps

    Monitor support team performance on the go.

Companies of all sizes rely on Pulsate Locate
to power location marketing


  • Radial Geofences

    Quickly add radial geofences around any location.

  • MicrofencesPro

    Monitor rooms within a location without physical hardware.

  • Polygon fencesPro

    Add geofences of any shape.

  • Import wizard

    Quickly find and add geofence locations.

  • Background mode

    Beacon and geofence monitoring works in the background.

  • Dwell timePro

    Target users based on how long they stay in locations.

  • Unlimited fences

    Pulsate Locate allows you to add unlimited geofences.

  • Low battery consumption

    Monitor for multiple locations with no battery drain.


  • Standard beacons

    Setup a beacon radius from 2m to 50m.

  • Micro beaconsPro

    Beacon monitoring accuracy to the inch.

  • Dwell time

    Target users based on how long they stay in a beacon zone.

  • Security

    Best in class security to protect your beacon fleet.

  • Battery monitoring

    Pulsate Locate will tell you when beacon batteries need to be replaced.

  • Bulk import

    One click importing of multiple beacons.

Location analytics

  • ReportingPro

    Find out what customers are doing in your locations.

  • Advanced insights

    Key location metrics such as footfall and average dwell time.

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