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Is Losing Revenue and Customers to Big Banks Keeping You Up at Night?

  • Worried about Diminishing Returns?

    During the last few years of uncertainty, your margins have probably taken a hit as revenue and profits have slipped away.

  • Unhappy Customers Not Borrowing?

    No matter how much time and money you invest in your customers, they’re not borrowing like they used to. They’re not engaged, not responsive and not borrowing.

  • Frustrated With Bigger Banks Taking Your Customers?

    Large Banks have massive budgets and entire Customer Experience departments to try and ensure their customers are always engaged and ready to borrow.

Is Your Mobile App Experience...

  • Slow, outdated and full of friction

  • Basic with the same features as everyone else

  • Ignoring customers and providing little value

  • Unable to compete with mobile-first banks

If you answered YES to any of these problems, find out how you can quickly turn them into opportunities.

It all starts here…

This Bank Went from Losing Customers to GROWING Net Income by 200%

... or quickly read the summary below

Profits Were Plummeting...

HK Bank faced major challenges, paper-thin margins, and falling revenues. Customers were scared to borrow and moving to other banks. Something had to be done…

The Bosses Laid Down a Challenge...

Everyone in the bank was tasked with 3 critical goals:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences

Customer Expectations were Skyrocketing...

The Bank launched an unsuccessful app a few years ago. CMO Mike knew that customers expect a 5-Star mobile experience like Venmo or Uber.

Mike had to figure out how to massively improve mobile customer experience but...

... Mike was Faced with Limited Budgets & Resources

He knew that he didn’t have the time or resources to hire a mobile team and rebuild the app from scratch. He searched for a solution that could be implemented quickly to deliver powerful results...

He Discovered a Powerful Philosophy... Win The Moment

Win the Moment consists of 3 rules that put customers at the heart of every mobile experience.

Be There... Be Useful... Be Quick.

Mike instantly knew that Win the Moment was what the bank needed to get ahead…

A Big Decision had to Be Made...

Continue losing customers and revenue or take the initiative and implement Win the Moment?

Mike called a board meeting and outlined how their current mobile strategy had cost them millions in lost opportunities

All of the Bosses Said “YES!”…

YES to re-engaging customers to increase lending opportunities.
YES to winning back market share from their competitors.
YES to a low-cost IT investment to transform the existing app and Win The Moment.
Everyone expected results...
But nothing like this...

Within just 12 Months they had...

  • $10 million added in additional revenue

    The revitalized app contributed $10 million in additional Net Interest Income.

  • $1 million saved on customer support costs

    Key customer service functions were automated cutting costs by $1 million

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Mike launched a number of surveys and discovered that overall customer satisfaction was higher than ever amongst app users.

  • Greater Customer Trust

    Customers trusted HK Bank more than the bigger banks and new FI entrants.

Win The Moment Transformed The Bank's Entire Business

Just Imagine What Win The Moment Can Do For Your Bank

Please Note: All organizations and individuals have been replaced with fictitious examples for the purpose of this case study.

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Discover What WIN THE MOMENT Can Do For YOUR Bank
  • Uncover the missed opportunities that are costing your bank MILLIONS.

  • Find out what your customers REALLY want and how to become one of the only banks to deliver it.

  • Learn all the ways WIN THE MOMENT can target your customers to do more business with you.

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10 Ways 'Win The Moment' Helps Your Bank Get Ahead

  • #1 Drive More Revenue — Display personalized offers when each user is most likely to take action.

  • #2 Increase Customer Satisfaction — Customers appreciate and respond to personalized and relevant communication that is value-driven.

  • #3 Know Your Customers — Combine app insights about user interactions and preferences with CRM data about lending history to create a true 360° view of each customer.

  • #4 Deliver Smart Marketing — Segment users based on preferences, demographics and lending history to deliver smart marketing that delivers results.

  • #5 Be Location Aware — Be there for users wherever they are are with industry leading location-based capabilities.

  • #6 Reduce Payroll Expenses — Streamline and automate key customer service functions to reduce expenses.

  • #7 Better Customer Support — Your customers will love how quickly they can get support and answers to common questions.

  • #8 Generate Referrals — Satisfied customers are much more likely recommend your business to their friends, family, and colleagues.

  • #9 Deliver Education and Value — Your customers won’t just see you as a bank, but as a valuable resource that helps them to save, invest and pay off debts.

  • #10 Dominate Your Competition — Your app will always be ahead of competitors if you implement Win the Moment by Pulsate.

Customer Experience Tools to
Win The Moment


Drive More Lending

Reach customers at the right places. Combine geographic location and other behaviors to personalize in-app marketing messaging.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduce queue times by allowing customers to get support, set appointments and ask questions right in your app.


Boost Customer Engagement

Segment customers and show product offers and services that are personalized for each user.

Understand Customer Needs

Easily craft surveys to get real-time customer feedback and product insights.


Build Emotional Loyalty

Allow Customers to monitor their finances with meaningful, actionable real-time alerts.

Reduce Support Costs

Use chatbots to provide scalable financial guidance to help customers make the best financial decisions

Sure, you have concerns...

  • Perhaps you remember your last failed attempt at launching an app

  • Maybe you have limited IT resources available

  • You're worried it will take too long to implement

  • And it won't deliver the results you expect

Pulsate is different

Our simple, easy to integrate plugin adds ALL of the WIN THE MOMENT enhancements to your mobile app in minutes. Your team will love it. Your customers will love it. And it will show in your bottom line numbers.

What happens if you DON’T take action?

  • Your customers continue to do less and less business until they ultimately leave…

  • Your revenue continues to shrink as customers borrow less and less…

  • Your payroll expenses continue to rise as you try to tackle your customer service problem…

  • And big bank competitors with bloated budgets continue to steal your customers!

WIN THE MOMENT from Pulsate is the proven way to maximize revenue, increase your customer base and grow your business!

Security risks?... We've Got You Covered

  • Bank Level Encryption

    Pulsate exceeds the most stringent U.S. and global security standards used by financial institutions.

  • Data Anonymization

    Control the customer data you share with Pulsate and decide whether to send full user profiles or anonymised data sets.

  • Data Privacy

    Customer data is secure and encrypted and is never rented, shared, distributed or sold to third parties.

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Discover What WIN THE MOMENT Can Do For YOUR Bank
  • Uncover the missed opportunities that are costing your bank MILLIONS.

  • Find out what your customers REALLY want and how to become one of the only banks to deliver it.

  • Learn all the ways WIN THE MOMENT can target your customers to do more business with you.

Patrick Leddy, CEO at Pulsate Demo duration: 30 min

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Today’s Media Is Talking About Pulsate

15 of the fastest growing startups
in the world.

The platform delivers content for brands based on a user’s location and preferences.

Our Customers Love Win The Moment

Join 650+ Financial Institutions Just Like Yours That Are Transforming Their Businesses Using Win The Moment

Read What Our Customers Are
Saying About Pulsate

  • "We selected Pulsate because of their flexibility throughout the implementation process"

    Christopher Hoffmann
    Product Manager
  • "Always great when an SDK is easy to use”

    Karl Monaghan
    Software Engineer
  • "Pulsate has helped us to increase engagement and improve the customer experience in our app"

    Sarah Hartigan
    Digital Project Manager

Learn How Pulsate Positively Impacted These Businesses

  • When we selected Pulsate the single most compelling thing was the ability to turn a marketing message into a 2-way conversation with a customer. For example, a key issue in mortgage loan origination is waiting for certain documents from the customer. A Financial Institution using Pulsate could generate messages to remind the customer and turn that into a conversation with the mortgage loan officer.”

    Katherine Jansen, Senior Manager, Business Development
  • Following a competitive RFP process Pulsate was selected by Amadeus to help us market multiple mobile products in our portfolio. The Pulsate team demonstrated a very well thought out platform and showed some unique capabilities we could add to our app such as live chat and interactive cards.

    Ghassan Teffaha, Global Head of Sales and Business Development - Mobile
  • We selected Pulsate because their app engagement kit was the most comprehensive on the market. It has a beautifully simple design which really makes sense to marketers, giving us all the tools we need to talk directly to customers at the right moment in their journey.

    Jerry Zeephat, Product Manager - Airport Mobility & IoT
  • Contextually relevant mobile communications is an area many of dunnhumby’s retail clients have expressed interest in. Through Pulsate, dunnhumby can help retail partners broaden their app user base and open up a new channel for communication, leverage existing customer profiles as well as location data gathered through the mobile SDK.

    Kyle Fugere, Product, Innovation, and Venture Capital

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Pulsate meet data security regulations for Financial Institutions?

Pulsate has already been through extensive “platform hardening” and security testing by financial institutions.

1. We have added a number of features such as user authentication callbacks and user deduping that was specifically designed to enable Pulsate to be compatible with apps where security and compliance are vitally important.

2. Pulsate also monitors what app version each user is currently on and makes it easy to segment users on older versions so that they can be targeted with messages to encourage them to upgrade to the latest version.


Can we create and send custom offerings to customers securely and at scale?

Pulsate provides the speed and agility needed to meet regulatory demands.

1. Quickly inform your bank customers of service issues and or problems without the need for an HTML splash screen or an App update.

2. Highlight and teach users about new functionality or new security measures in the app (without waiting for users to do an App update) by using in-app messages or drop-in tutorials.

3. Provide a secure message center that stores crucial customer communications and allows users to quickly notify the bank about any issues.


We don't want to send Pulsate our customer data. Will Pulsate still work?

Pulsate does not require any customer data to function and provide a great customer experience for app users.

1. No need for integration with back-end systems.

2. Track in-app user behavior without identifying an actual user.

3. Send relevant timely messages to segments of users based on the anonymous “bucket” they fall into.


Does Pulsate sell our customer location data to 3rd party providers?

Pulsate never shares any data with any 3rd parties.

1. Unlike many other marketing and geo-tracking platforms, Pulsate does not share, sell or transfer any location or other data with any other third parties.

2. We do not share or monetize any client or location data that is shared with us.


Does Pulsate offer on-premises hosting?

Yes, the Pulsate platform can be fully hosted on premises. If this is something that you are interested in, please let us know and we will analyze how to best provide an on-site solution for your needs.

Discover What Win The Moment
Can Do For Your Bank

Pulsate has everything you need to...

  • GROW YOUR REVENUE: Uncover and maximize new revenue channels with personalized content tailored for each customer.

  • STAY AHEAD OF COMPETITORS: Prevent big banks from taking your customers and eroding your market share.

  • REDUCE EXPENSES: Pulsate automates customer service queries at scale to reduce expenses.

  • INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Engage lapsed users and increase customer loyalty.

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Pulsate is a real-time mobile marketing and engagement platform. The platform has been independently assessed by financial institutions globally for risk & compliance.

Is Growing Your Bank Worth
Just 30 Minutes of Your Time?

I’m Patrick Leddy, CEO of Pulsate. There are a few reasons why I’m so excited to show you our WIN THE MOMENT solution. First, I know the struggles most banks like yours are going through: Customers avoiding your lending products… Revenues falling and expenses climbing.

And second, because I’ve seen what else is out there. I can promise you that our Pulsate WIN THE MOMENT customer experience solution is unlike anything else that exists today. It’s truly the future of customer experience.

In fact, it’s been recognized by TechCrunch as THE platform to deliver content for brands based on a user’s location and preferences.

Pulsate is one of world’s fastest-growing businesses today. We have a strong track record in delivering new technology to financial institutions over the last 10 years.

  • P.S. Let me make this even easier for you. Go ahead and book your one-on-one appointment with me. Just give me 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you don’t think Pulsate is a good fit for your bank, no worries. We will both go our separate ways.

  • P.P.S. I have to tell you that our support and security are both world class. Our customers rave about our level of care and communication. You’ll see from the moment you first speak with me.

  • P.P.P.S. One small warning: These consultancy appointments are booking up fast. If you act now, I can probably schedule one with you very soon. Otherwise, it may be a couple weeks. Don’t let one of your rival banks steal your spot. Book right now

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  2. PayPal And Dunnhumby Put $1.2m Into Pulsate, A Location Marketing Startup https://techcrunch.com/2015/02/01/paypal-and-dunnhumby-put-1-2m-into-pulsate-a-location-marketing-startup/