Customer Success Team

We provide you with a business relationship manager to help you achieve more

Get Up and Running Quickly

We have a team ready to help you get the most out of our software
when you sign up with Pulsate.

What To Expect From Customer Success

A dedicated Pulsate expert
with in-depth knowledge of
mobile marketing.

Advice on developing strategies
for scale and growth of
your mobile app.

Learn how to drive in-app revenue
from new product feature
adoption and expanded usage.

Weekly customer success calls
to make sure you’re getting
the most out of Pulsate.

Access to your customer success
manager through email and

You are kept up to
speed with the latest product
developments and innovations.

Customer Onboarding

  • Module 1
    Introductory Call
  • Module 2
    Defining what success looks like
  • Module 3
    How will success be measured
  • Module 4
    Creating a mobile marketing strategy
  • Module 5
    Setting milestones to get your 'success'
  • Module 6
    Acquiring new users to your app?
  • Module 7
    How to increase push notification opt-in rates
  • Module 8
    Developing a push notification strategy
  • Module 9
    Using personalization for optimum results
  • Module 10
    Mastering App Store Optimization
  • Module 11
    Growth Hacking your way to success
  • Module 12
    Driving loyalty and value

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