SDK Integration

We provide Pulsate SDK installation and event tracking functionality for your app

SDK Integration Team

Our SDK integration team is here to help you get up and running quickly.

Our Integration Team Makes It A Painless Experience

We know the docs inside
out, saving you hours
of reading time.

We wrote every line of code
for both SDKs, so we know
how to fine tune it just for you.

We’ve over 500+ hours
of integration time under
our belts.

We work with APIs
just like yours every day.

What Can I Do with The SDK?

Pick from a list of Pulsate features that you need implemented.


Display all your content in a view
that’s already friendly and familiar
to your users.

Live Chat

Start a conversation with your
app users or get instant feedback
from your campaigns

Push notifications

Use clear and simple push notifications
to get immediate attention. Link them to
cards, deeplinks or web URLs.

In-App Notifications

Grab user's full attention the next time
they open your app. Use small
slide-in or full screen notifications.

Custom Event Tags

Track user completion of specified app
events and react when a user
performs an in app event.

Interactive Cards

Seize the moment with interactive cards
that are information rich yet compact.
A perfect addition to push notifications.


Push content to users as they enter or
leave small or large indoor zones.
Monitoring works in the background.


Add geofences of any shape and size
and send content to users as they enter
or leave virtual location perimeters.

App Analytics

Track everything from revenue metrics
including lifetime value and average
revenue per user.

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