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Business Intelligence For Mobile Apps

Customize Your Dashboard To Suit Your Needs

Create DashboardsPro

See the data that's important to you at a glance.

Build WidgetsPro

Visualize your data with customizable widgets and graphs.

Drag & Drop

Choose the format and feel of your dashboards based on business requirements.

Slice and Dice Your Data

Write custom SQL queries to quickly access the data you need.

Share Your Reports Easily

Export custom reports into formats that can be emailed, inserted into a presentation or attached as a PDF.

Uncover Key Behaviors With Mobile-First Tools

Track Active Users

View and track what percentage of downloads are daily, weekly or monthly.

Identify Onboarding Problems

Optimize your onboarding process by monitoring every users' journey in your app.
Track where users go, how long they spend there and which events they complete.

Help Users Get Unstuck

Address bottlenecks in your app by measuring user flows through each stage of a task.
Tag any event inside your app to measure user success with micro interactions.

Identify Disengaged Users

Learn which users are at risk of abandoning your app by viewing how frequently your app is opened and track completed actions.

Measure What Really Moves the Needle

Cohort analysisPro

Measure What Matters

Stop wondering if your product and marketing improvements really make a difference.

Monitor Improvements

Measure the impact of improvements by looking at cohort behavior over time.

Investigate Drop Offs

View user behavior at every stage of the funnel to identify the changes that work.
Opt-in analysis

Improve User Opt-Ins

View the user segments that opt-in to push notifications and location-based alerts.

Uncover Similar Patterns

Understand user characteristics and apply insights to your setup and onboarding process.

Analyze User Activity In Real-World Locations

Combine Location-Based Data With App Activity

View how often customers are visiting your physical locations.

Track drop-off ratesPro

Calculate unique visits and how long app users spend in your locations.

Customer journeys

Conduct path analysis to connect physical world behavior with completion of specific app events.

Discover Your Most Loyal Customers

Track the frequency and duration of user visits to competitor locations.

See how they stack up

Compare how your brand stacks up against user visits to the competition.

Reward users

Reward the users who visit your locations most often.

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  • Last ActivePro

    Monitor how often users open your app.

  • Average Open Time

    Find out how long users stay in your app.

  • In-app events

    Track user completion of specified app events.


  • Location

    Track opt-in of the Location permissions.

  • Push notifications

    Track opt-in of the Push Notifications permissions.

  • Bluetooth

    Target users that don't switch on Bluetooth.


  • Purchases

    Attribute real-time revenue campaign uplift.

  • Total Revenue

    View total revenue uplift over specified periods of time.

  • LTV and ARPU

    Track Revenue metrics including Lifetime Value and Average Revenue per User.


  • Campaign Goals

    Setup and monitor campaign goals.

  • User retention

    Monitor and Improve User Churn.

  • Funnels

    Setup and track user journeys with custom funnels.


  • Customizable

    Fully customizable dashboards.

  • Export Reports

    Export your data in easily digestible reports.

  • Custom Queries

    Surface your data with SQL queries.

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The Full Pulsate Product Suite

Push notifications

See, segment and message users with push, in-app notifications or email.

Live Chat

Allow app users to start a conversation or reply directly to a campaign.


Message app users in real-world locations using geofences and beacons.

Mobile App Analytics

Understand app user's in-app behavior, usage, flows, funnels and retention.

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Data Integrations

Stream mobile data and events to third party applications and APIs.

Predictive analytics

Predict the likelihood of certain users completing an action inside your app.

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