Are You Putting Your App Data to Work?

Create Simple Connections to the Tools
You Already Use

Automate Marketing Workflows Based on App Events

Two-Way Streaming

Keep All Marketing Channels In Sync

Stream app event data to and from third party marketing tools in real time.
Send messages from other marketing channels based on your mobile data.

Connect to Platforms In One Click


Platform Integrations

Let us take the hassle out of connecting your app with third party platforms.
Integrations include Google Analytics, Marketo, Foursquare, Mailchimp and more.

Customize and Control How Data is Shared

  • Select data sources

    Choose which platforms should receive data to or from Pulsate.

  • Data Control

    Control data on an individual platform or event basis.

  • Pick automations

    Choose what happens on any connected platform when specific events happen.

Control Where Your Historical App Data Is Stored

Instant access

Historical Mobile Data

Maintain a complete archive of all mobile app events. Choose where to store your historical data.
Flexible storage

Data Warehouse

Collect and store your data in your own in-house data warehouse or a third party solution such as an AWS S3 bucket.

Integrate Your CRM Data Painlessly

Integration team

Support You Can Depend On

Our dedicated CRM integration specialists won't rest. Rely on our dedicated team until you get up and running.
Knowledge base

Easy to Read Documentation

Get additional peace of mind with our detailed guides and how to videos showing you how to send data from your CRM into Pulsate.

The Full Pulsate Product Suite

Push notifications

See, segment and message users with push, in-app notifications or email.

Live Chat

Allow app users to start a conversation or reply directly to a campaign.


Message app users in real-world locations using geofences and beacons.

Mobile App Analytics

Understand app user's in-app behavior, usage, flows, funnels and retention.

Data Integrations

Stream mobile data and events to third party applications and APIs.

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Predictive analytics

Predict the likelihood of certain users completing an action inside your app.

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