Dynamic Mobile Feed

Engage users with dynamic content with a drop-in dynamic feed

Move from one-way broadcasts to two-way conversations

Add the fully featured Dynamic Feed to your app in seconds to add a new layer of engagement

Create a Personalized Content Feed for Every User

Personalize at Scale with Dynamic Cards that Provide Personalized and Persistent Content

Own Your Channel with Fully Customizable Cards

Show personalized experiences using images, audio, video and GIFS.

  • Personalized - Every card is individually targeted at each user
  • Persistent - Unlike push and in-app notifications, cards are always there for users to interact with
  • Dynamic - Fully customize the look and feel of every card without any coding
  • Vibrant - Add multiple images and rich media with drag and drop card creation
  • Powerful - Fully customizable buttons with multiple destinations including deeplinks, URLs and an expanded card view

Create, Personalize and Publish in Seconds

No code required to create individually tailored engagement experiences at scale


Optimize How Your App Engages with Users

Get Set Up in Seconds

Integrate easily

Adding our Feed to your app is quicker than making a cup of coffee.

easy to use

Simple, Convenient & Fast

The world's easiest to use card builder built from the ground up for Marketing Teams

Boost conversions

Personalized Content

Deliver relevant content based on real-time user context, app behaviors, and interests.

"When we selected Pulsate the single most compelling thing was the ability to turn a marketing message into a 2-way conversation with a customer."

Katherine Jansen — Senior Manager, Business Development

Mobile Feed Features

Rich Media

Add multiple rich media assets to every card


Link users directly to the right part of your app


Take users to a custom URL from a card

Expanded Card View

Add more rich media, text and custom buttons to a card

Customisable Buttons

Every button is fully customizable with text and emojis

Conversion Goals

Automatically track user actions based on card interactions

Fully Branded UI

Brand the Dynamic Feed to fit perfectly with the rest of your app


Create cards in different languages for each user

Card Expiry

Automatically remove a card from the user’s feed after a specified period of time

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