Wish You Could Predict Your Customer's Next Move?

See When Users Will Spend, Churn or Return

A Crystal Ball For Mobile Marketers

Get Fast Answers to Complex QuestionsPro

Which acquisition channel
has performed best for
Sam, Digital Advertising Manager
What customers are most
likely to respond to
an offer?
Kevin, Customer Success Manager
What items are customers
likely to buy together
Sarah, Marketing Manager

The Right Message At Just The Right Time

Market Optimization

Remove Guesswork with Intelligent DeliveryPro

Extract and discover optimal segments for each marketing campaign. Uncover hidden customer relationships and opportunities from historic user data.
Automate messages for individual individual users at the time they are most likely to open and respond.

Identify At-Risk Customers Before They Leave

app user churn

Will They Stay or Will They GoPro

Simulate the expected consequences of any campaign or event.
Pulsate Predict can detect signals that a customer is likely to stop using your app.

Know Exactly What’s Around The Corner

Market basket analysis

Watch Your Conversion Rates Soar!

Determine the correct combination of price and content to maximize revenue.
John purchased a bike reflector jacket. Based on this, the probability of John investing in bike lights is strong.

Predicted Purchases:

Make More Sales From Unlikely Customers

Influence transactions

Nudge Users In The
Right Direction

Use Pulsate Predict to see which users are unlikely to make a purchase.
Sales forecasting

Forecast Future Sales
From Location Visits

Predict which customers will visit
your physical locations during a
particular time period.

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The Full Pulsate Product Suite

Push notifications

See, segment and message users with push, in-app notifications or email.

Live Chat

Allow app users to start a conversation or reply directly to a campaign.


Message app users in real-world locations using geofences and beacons.

Mobile App Analytics

Understand app user's in-app behavior, usage, flows, funnels and retention.

Data Integrations

Stream mobile data and events to third party applications and APIs.

Predictive analytics

Predict the likelihood of certain users completing an action inside your app.

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