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Are Your Push Notifications Being Ignored?

Attract Attention. Inspire Action.

A New Destination For Your Notifications

Go beyond Push with Pulsate Cards

A Message Center for your Mobile Content

We make it easy for your customers to find, retrieve and reply to messages.

100% Themeable

The Message Center seamlessly fits with your brand.

Start a Conversation

Have real-time two way conversations with customers in your app.

Switch Replying On/Off

Choose what customers can reply to.

Create an Instant Impression

Wow your users with images, gifs or videos embedded into messages.


Connect PayPal to any campaigns.

Accept Payments at Anytime

Add one-click payments to grow, engage and monetize your app with the Pulsate Wallet.

Card Destinations

Take app users to any web page or any section of your app.

Spark User Interest with Personalized Content

Send content that is both personal and relevant to your users.

Add a Personal Touch

Put a face to your brand with cards from your staff.

Receive Instant Feedback

One click setup of surveys to find out how you're doing.

Record In-App Events

Record every user actions within your app.

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Say Goodbye to One-Size Fits All Campaigns


All your customer data flowing into one place

See rich customer profiles combine CRM and social data with in-app behavior and real-world location events.*

Segment users in real-time

Set up groups using attributes like user behavior. CRM data, in-app events, device type and app opens.

Test, Measure and Refine Your CampaignsPro

  • Create versions

    Test different campaign variations to see what converts best.

  • Select the winner

    Decide how long you would like to run the test before auto selecting the winner.

  • Set Control Group Size

    Get reliable baseline data to compare with your results.

  • Validate Campaign Success

    Compare your campaign and control group to measure success.

  • Create a goal

    Set a conversion target and measure how well your campaigns perform.

  • Measure performance

    Conversion goals are a great way to identify if you are meeting your business objectives.

Analyze the Impact of Your Mobile Marketing

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Getting started

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Lightweight SDK

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CRM friendly

We Play Nice With CRM

Pulsate Engage integrates with popular third party CRM and loyalty solutions.
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to run their mobile marketing campaigns

Push Notifications

  • Interactive push

    Allow users to interact with notifications and respond with a simple tap gesture.

  • Deep linking

    Send users directly to information anywhere in your app from a notification.

  • Web url

    Link users to any web address that will open in their mobile browser.

  • Campaign cards

    Seize the moment with cards that are information rich yet compact.

  • Pulsate feed

    Display all your content in a view that’s already friendly and familiar.

  • Standard push

    Use clear and simple push notifications to get immediate attention.

In-App Notifications

  • Large notification

    Grab user's full attention the next time they open your app.

  • Small notification

    For less urgent notifications, use a small discreet slide-in notification.

  • Slide-in effect

    This simple notification animation grabs users’ attention in a graceful way.

User profiling

  • Unified profile

    Pull the latest customer information from multiple sources into one place.

  • Social data integration

    Sync an enormous stream of real-time social data to user profiles.

  • Crm integration

    Connect with the tools that your team already use.


  • Device activity

    Filter user activity by their device behavior.

  • Location data

    Segment users by their most recent location.

  • Custom attributes

    Know if a user matches a recorded attribute from your database.

  • Custom events

    React when a user performs an in app event.


  • Segments

    Select dynamic segments to identify your best prospects for each campaign.

  • Geofences

    Send content to users as they enter or leave virtual location perimeters.

  • Beacons

    Push content to users as they enter or leave small or large indoor zones.


  • Frequency caps

    Set limits to control the number of times a user receives a campaign.

  • Recurring campaigns

    Schedule time-sensitive campaigns to launch after any event takes place.

  • Scheduling

    Control how long campaigns run and set automatic start and end dates.

  • Deliver at certain times

    Pick the optimal time to catch user attention.


  • Drag and drop builder

    Remove the gap between ideas and implementation with an easy-to-use campaign builder.

  • Images and gifs

    Embed images or GIFs that to wow your users.

  • Campaign expiry

    Schedule when you want messages removed from the user's feed.

  • Image cropping

    Resize, shrink, and crop your pictures using our built-in image editor.

  • Back of card

    Show more content to your users at the flip of a card.

  • Campaign replies

    Feedback matters. Continue the conversation with campaign replies.

Message Centre

  • Themeable

    Add your own look and feel to bring your brand to life.

  • Scrollable feed

    Easy for your users to find, retrieve and reply to messages.

In-App Events

  • Event tagging

    Set a tag against any action inside a campaign.

  • Sdk tags

    Record any action outside of the Pulsate message centre and pass them back.

  • Remote management

    Assign actions to trigger campaigns from the Pulsate cloud platform.

  • Web hooks

    Extend, customize, and integrate your own custom extensions.

Campaign Testing

  • A/b testing

    Quickly test and try new ideas to see what converts best.

  • multivariate testing

    Create multiple versions and auto-select the best performing campaign.

  • Campaign goals

    Translate Business Requirements into achievable Campaign Goals.

  • Control groups

    The only way to prove campaign attribution.

Campaign Reporting

  • Export

    Export your data quickly for painless handoffs to your data analysts.

  • Share

    Export your campaigns and easily share with an email or PDF.

  • Presentation mode

    Show off your latest campaigns with high impact and easy to understand charts.

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The Full Pulsate Product Suite

Mobile Engagement

See, segment and target app users using push, in-app notifications or live messaging.

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Allow app users to start a conversation or reply directly to a campaign.


Message app users in real-world locations using geofences and beacons.

Mobile Payments

Accept payments from the world’s most common payment platforms.