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The easiest to use and most feature rich push notification platform in the world

A Push in the Right Direction

Drive sales from your app, increase user engagement and deliver experiences to build brand loyalty.

Push notifications are ideal for when you want users to take prompt action. Connect with your audience through all stages of their journey.

Pick Up and Push

Create Push Notifications in seconds with the world's easiest to use drag and drop campaign builder


Bring Notifications to Life

Show personalized experiences on every user's lockscreen with images, audio, video and GIFS.

Route users to multiple destinations and track their interactions with fully customizable lock screen buttons.





Real-Time Push Analytics

Measure every swipe, interaction, button tap and open instantly with real-time analytics.

Set Conversion Goals, multiple A/B variants and a control group and Pulsate will automatically track it all to demonstrate the true success of your push notification campaigns.

"The simple design really makes sense to marketers, giving us all the tools we need to talk directly to customers at the right moment in their journey"

Jerry Zeephat — Product Manager

Push Notification Features


Personalize the content in your notifications to increase open rates

deep linking

Send users directly to information anywhere in your app from a push notification

web url

Send users to any web address from a push notification


Track how many users who receive a push convert and carry out real-time events

A/B testing

Test multiple variants including a control group to find out what converts

push analytics

Real-Time push analytics measure every send, open, interaction and button tap

location push

Influence users to take action based on their real-time current location


Reach users when they are most likely to take action no matter where in the world they are


Set global notifications settings to prevent app fatigue amongst your customers

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