Geofencing Software for Mobile Apps

The pulsate geofencing platform is built with a focus on precise accuracy and scalability

Send the Right Notification at the Right Time

No Hardware Required

Add a virtual boundary and message users as they enter, leave or dwell within that area.

Create Unlimited Geofence Locations

Pulsate's native technology allows you to bypass mobile OS restrictions and monitor unlimited locations.

Maximize Open Rates

Proximity based geofence push notifications typically have a 30-50% higher open rates than regular push notifications.

Create Geofences of All Shapes & Sizes

Polygonal Geofences

Target an entire football stadium or city in one click.

Radial Geofences

Combine geographic location and other behaviors to personalize in-app marketing

Industry leading Accuracy That's Light on Power 

low battery power

Take it Easy on User's Battery

High accuracy location data without battery drain. 


Monitor for Users Even When the App is Closed

Pulsate's native geofence technology continues to monitor for geofences when the app is in the background or even when it has been force closed.

Manage Locations at Scale

Bulk Import Geofences for All Your Locations in Minutes

No location data? No Problem. We can find and import geofence locations based on company name, keywords or lat and long coordinates

Analyze User Behavior in Real-World Locations

Learn When Users Visit Competitors

Track how often users visit a competitor location and send winback campaigns to entice them back.

Understand Customer Frequency

Monitor user visits to any phsical location including visit frequency and popular visit times.

"Pulsate's location targeting and in-app experience features are unique, allowing us to take our apps to the next level of engagement and contextual awareness"

Chris Hoffman — Product Manager

Geofencing Features


Quickly add radial geofences around any location


Monitor for multiple locations with no battery drain

Polygonal geoFENCES

Monitor buildings and locations of any size with custom geofence shapes


Industry leading accuracy as small as ten metres and as large as a city block.


Geofence monitoring works in the background


Quickly find and add geofence locations

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